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Brasileiro C
Bras C (2) Time Location
Oeste at Paraná 13:00(UTC-06:00) Estadio Durival de Britto WATCH LIVE
Floresta at Ferroviário Beira 15:00(UTC-06:00) Vovozão WATCH LIVE
Criciúma at Figueirense 15:00(UTC-06:00) Orlando Scarpelli WATCH LIVE
Botafogo SP at Ituano 15:00(UTC-06:00) Estadio Municipal Dr. Novelli Ju WATCH LIVE
Altos at Jacuipense 15:00(UTC-06:00) Estádio Manoel Barradas WATCH LIVE
Novorizontino at Mirassol 15:00(UTC-06:00) Estadio José Maria de Campos Mai WATCH LIVE
Manaus at Paysandu 15:00(UTC-06:00) Estádio Leônidas Sodré de Castro WATCH LIVE
Botafogo PB at Santa Cruz 15:00(UTC-06:00) Arena Pernambuco WATCH LIVE
Ypiranga at São José-RS 15:00(UTC-06:00) Francisco Novelletto Neto (Passo WATCH LIVE
Tombense at Volta Redonda 15:00(UTC-06:00) Estádio Raulino de Oliveira WATCH LIVE
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